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User Datagram Protocol is a protocol for transmitting IP audio, IP video, IP voice (VoIP) and videoconferencing over a TCP-IP network.

It is a not very robust protocol because it does not check the sent packets for errors. UDP does not require establishing a connection session with the receiving recipient as does the TCP protocol, RTSP

UDP packet is packaged like a TCP but has significant differences.

If error correction functions are needed at the network layer, the application used would better use the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or the Flow Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) which are designed for this purpose.

UDP is definitely a freer and more agile communication protocol, but less secure than others, it is a protocol that avoids the overhead of processing the data in the protocol stack, making it faster and ideal for video transmission where if a packet is lost, there is no criticality, such as a signal delay.