This concept of information systems reaches the world of Broadcast to simplify the new CPDs, it is a solution that seeks to optimize IT infrastructure, increasingly necessary in audiovisual production environments. Traditionally a shared editing solution requires separate layers of computing, network, and storage, all with specific Hw and Sw. In the Hyperconvergence, that separation of layers disappears and storage, processing, computing, and network are combined in the same hardware with the aim of reducing the complexity of the data center and increasing scalability, controlling the initial investment costs.

All layer separation is done at the software level that manages, for example, how storage is shared, how processing is distributed, all through virtualization solutions. The growth is done in blocks and is expandable hot.

Converged infrastructure is a hardware-defined solution designed to improve the limitations and/or inefficiencies of independent storage and computing solutions in traditional systems, the next step is Hyperconvergence.

In television modernization projects, hyper-convergence can provide agility in public cloud infrastructure in a hybrid way, without renouncing control of the hardware in its own facilities.

Difference between convergence and hyper-convergence

In converged infrastructure, the layers are fully integrated, but they are physically different Hw. In the hyper-convergence all layers are in a single type of Hw node, all of them working together, each node is integral in all components.

What audiovisual solutions are candidates for a hyper-converged environment?

Applications that work in a shared way such as DAM (Digital Asset Management), PAM (Production Asset Management) or MAM (Media Asset Management or Archive), transcoding services, Artificial intelligence solutions that require high doses of computing by work peaks, collaboration services, and media transferring, virtual desktop of DAM, PAM or MAM users; QC systems (quality control) by software, business management software such as SAP, web servers …

Asier Anitua Valluerca

Asier Anitua Valluerca

Business Development Manager

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales