OTT, the Dynamization Art

The video and its multiple options. That is the foundation of our work at TSA for more than 20 years and, bringing it to every corner and home, our main reason for being. For decades, telecommunications have offered us great opportunities and for 6 years we have been getting air and momentum to bring our Video on Demand (VOD) content management services to a large part of Latin America. What started as a pilot project only with Colombia, would gradually expand until reaching 12 countries simultaneously.

To do this, we take good note of the experience and great work as a company, developed over more than two decades on digital platforms for Spain and, from there, we created a great team with LatAm coverage. Like everything that starts, it was not easy. Work and a lot of dedication that, for years to come, have been well worth it. Along the way, a great team that has always shown great commitment. We sow with enormous constancy and determination; a task that has allowed us to gather the fruits that taste heavenly. Just a few months ago, we were reaping a new victory for the entire LatAm team. A project, with capital letters, that would allow us to continue “pampering” the video as we have always done. In September 2019 we started with the Regionalized Dynamization for 7 countries. We would therefore continue working with Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico and Uruguay, but from a different perspective. Nothing new for us, who had already opened the path of “content revitalization” on their respective Movistar Play platforms for other countries such as Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

And that is the question: Dynamize, not an easy task. Like for the window dresser who seeks to capture the attention of those who stand before him, our dynamization team deploys all its resources daily to make the Movistar Play visitor a regular customer. Quite a science, without a doubt. If the window that we show is to the taste of those who visit us, they will want to enter and browse the wide catalog that we make available to them. We are, therefore, specially an Art, which forces us to know our client perfectly. Diving in the world of Big Data with data analysis, consumption trends, most viewed statistics… allows us to adapt our work to the tastes of those who knock on Movistar Play’s door. This, added to a great editorial effort to extract the maximum benefit from the available content and a meticulous design of banners and covers, makes us stay on the expected path, that of capturing the attention of our users and obtaining a positive response from them, that of their loyalty.

In the hard and unprecedented times we are living in, we are very clear that we want to offer our clients a comfort place, where they not only feel comfortable but also valued and taken into account. A corner for distraction and evasion. In record time and with the enormous effort of the entire team, we have managed to adapt “our particular showcase” of Movistar Play to the current moment. We have provided it with more information, more entertainment, more own series, more gastronomy, more live TV, more children’s content, more variety, more rentals, more dynamism … more quality product, which is what our client deserves, in short.

We also ask you to “Stay at home”, to feel safe, to take care of yourself and to enjoy the enormous possibilities that we will continue to offer you from here on.

Begoña Manchón Muñoz

Begoña Manchón Muñoz

OTT LATAM - Dynamization Service Manager

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales