Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality, RV; is an environment of scenes or objects created in 3D dimensions of real appearance but created by a computer.

Augmented Reality, RA; shows a viewer a series of scenes or virtual objects through a technological device that mixes physical reality with the scene or object created by a computer. Introduces something virtual in a real scene. Throughout this, tangible physical elements are combined with virtual elements, thus creating an augmented reality in real-time. RA allows us to add layers of visual information about the real world around us, imagine its application in a surgical operation where the 3D anatomy of a patient is projected on the stretcher itself, for example.

The use of these technologies is expected in multiple areas of leisure and business, it is expected that staring in 2020, 1.500 million dollars will be moved, and 23 million jobs will be created worldwide by 2030.

Health, training, automotive, and of course television and entertainment are areas that are being encouraged in the use of these technologies that bring virtual images to a visual reality.

The impacts that occur in large events through the use of this technology is a growing trend, the coverage of elections, a high-level sporting event, etc. advertising, are the great candidates for the use of RA and RV.

Asier Anitua Valluerca

Asier Anitua Valluerca

Business Development Manager

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales