Cloud Services and Digital Transformation

The boundaries between IT and audiovisual technologies are moving, blurring and will disappear. Cloud Services and Video over IP are here to stay and TSA wants to be a pioneer in these exciting new territories.

For the last 20 years, Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA) has been leading the main digital transformation projects that have taken place within the audiovisual sector, and it continues to do so down to this day. In these two decades, the implementations of SDI, HD, digital systems for managing and archiving audiovisual content or assets, have made it possible to fully develop “tapeless” production facilities.

The latest qualitative leap is, on one side, the conversion of a video signal into a digital “archive” that can be sent to any destination with an IP address, not only outside the production centre’s facilities, but also as a method to manage the flow of content and internal audiovisual signals of the broadcaster. From the capturing of the camera signal (or any other video feed) to its distribution or broadcast, including editing, archiving, metadata and the control signals that enrich the signal or the original content.

On the other hand, the other great leap that is taking place in parallel in the audiovisual and media world is the move towards service models and environments in the cloud, whether public or private, thanks to the innumerable advantages that this type of model provides.

For this kind of change, it is crucial to find the perfect partner. The right ally who, like TSA, has extensive and proven experience in production and broadcasting services, in audiovisual solutions, and in the digital transformation of TV production centres.

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales has the capacity to offer Cloud Services in the media environment, allowing customers to take advantage of the benefits that this type of technology offers, such as ease of scaling, reduced infrastructure costs for the end customer, facilitated remote access, automatic software updates, greater flexibility and more agile solutions without the need for extensive and costly projects. All this guided by TSA’s experience and expertise of over 30 years in the broadcast environment, which offers great advantages over any hyperscale, allowing customers the ability to implement the latest emerging technologies without large initial investments and with the confidence of having an important partner by their side.

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales prefers to establish global and far-reaching business relationships, and particularly in technological changeover projects, in which the results can cause the client to perceive a certain degree of risk and uncertainty. To this end, through its consulting services, TSA helps to define transformation master plans, accompanying companies in defining their needs in the steps prior to a project’s execution, as well as in subsequent phases. Periods such as user instruction on the new systems or training and coaching are of paramount importance in any transformation process; because this not only means a change of infrastructures, processes or workflows, but also a change of mentality. This is why business continuity services such as support and maintenance are equally transcendental.

TSA helps its clients to overcome their fear of the digital transformation, as we accompany you in this leap into the future

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