Cloud Services and Digital Transformation

Play Out

Continuity of television channels with the best technology in the market and experienced professionals who offer services from our facilities or cloud.


Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA) offers end-to-end play out services for SD, HD, 4K TV channels. This type of service can be offered on premise, in public Cloud, private Cloud or in a hybrid model. For this, TSA has a large team of experienced professionals who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Among the services offered by TSA, which can also be combined with other satellite or terrestrial network distribution services, are:

Channel continuity SD, HD, 4K

TSA has the best video servers and automation systems to provide on-site and cloud solutions for all types of TV channels, for both pre-recorded contents and with live programming.

Media and Archive Management

TSA has a large amount of NAS storage and LTO libraries managed by a MAM in order to be able to store and manage content in the most secure and robust way.

Digitalisation, transcoding and metadata

TSA’s coding farm covers all formats and encapsulates on the market, with constant adaptation to any format each customer may work with. In addition, TSA has metadata generation and adaptation systems for each type of content. In addition, TSA has metadata generation and adaptation systems for each type of content.

Programming and Play-List

TSA’s service covers from the creation of the grid and programming,to the play-lists, with play-list translators available to adapt the different formats.

Advertising Insertion

TSA connects with the main advertising servers for their insertion in the programming, in addition to having a broadcast play-list agreement according to current legislation.

Subtitle Insertion

TSA has subtitle generators in multiple languages that cover all output formats, DVB, TXT, OP-47, etc., from any input format, PAC, STL, TXT.


Graphics systems or channel branding that allows anything from the generation of the logo or on-screen graphic to the most sophisticated graphics, banners, effects such as DVE, etc.

Water marking

Marking systems for audience tracking, advertising and/or piracy.

Quality control

TSA offers its customers services from the quality control of the contents through to the sample system to the complete viewing, in addition to having an automatic quality control system that analyses all the components of the video file.

What is

On Playout or master control rooms all the signals are received after going through post-production and carrying out a control that reviews and adapts the contents, setting up the storyboard playlist, adding the advertising and promotional blocks, canned content, graphics, subtitles and making way for the live sections, as well as monitoring the 24 h broadcast. Automation systems, branding subtitles, etc. and video servers that generate the linear channels for broadcasting are used for this purpose.

Did you know…

A little more than two decades ago, continuity operators did not work night shifts. Broadcasts ended with a test card with music until 8:00 in the morning of the following day.