Cloud Services and Digital Transformation


Transformation unavoidably involves training.

Technology advances very quickly, which meanstraining is key to ensuring the smooth running of any audiovisual project.

The new systems implemented by TSA require people to acquire new skills.


  • Adaptation as quickly as possible to the new operative situation, to minimise the cost and loss of quality arising from the implementation of the provision of the services.
  • Increased technical training for the staff.


  • Analysis of the baseline situation.
  • Detection of the needs.
  • Determination of training objectives, target audience, etc.
  • Definition of the strategic lines of the training.
  • Identification and transfer of the key skills related to the methods and techniques required for the successful implementation of the new operation.


Training outline based on the new processes and procedures

that arise as a consequence of the implementation of the new platform.

Training outline based on the functionalities

that will be provided by the new systems installed.

Timeline of the training plan

with a structure of the times and the matrix of the trainers and trainees.

Possibility of an online platform

in which users have the recording of face-to-face sessions available to them so that they can use them as a guide or help them in their daily work.

Did you know…

TSA has provided training in RTVE (the Spanish public TV network) digital transformation projects on platforms more than 3,500 users work with every day?