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Integration of audiovisual broadcast solutions for clients from other sectors, but with “broadcast needs”.


Nowadays audiovisual communication is “Communication”.

TSA is aware that more and more companies, corporations and institutions need to generate, archive and disseminate their own audiovisual content, having direct control over the entire value chain.

Social media and Internet have allowed any corporate entity to become a potential broadcaster, which in recent years has led to an exponential increase in broadcast audiovisual technology for clients in other business areas, such as sport clubs or public assembly institutions, that, without being native to the broadcast sector, have a growing demand when it comes to producing and managing audiovisual content.

Private companies need to use audiovisual language to deliver their messages to their potential clients, with formulas that transcend traditional advertising; sports clubs want to have greater control over the audiovisual content they generate; public service institutions need to transmit this type of information to their citizens more directly and accurately, without intermediaries; universities are well aware of the Internet’s power to connect more and more students to the courses they have to offer; and even in the healthcare field there is a growing need to disseminate achievements in advances in surgical techniques for both professional and teaching purposes.

One of TSA’s missions is to detect these “broadcasting” needs in “non-broadcasting” companies, beyond their usual corporate video requirements (audiovisual rooms, auditoriums, communication channels and internal promotion, etc.) and apply its experience in the audiovisual sector to advise and provide these systems to clients who are starting out in an activity that is new to them, but which is essential for their future growth.

Integrations such as recording sets, editing systems, audio-visual signal capture systems and control facilities in assembly institutions, broadcast systems via streaming, storage and archive management systems, among others, are becoming common for TSA within private corporations and public institutions, with a marked upward trend in future projects.



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