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Video offers fans a direct channel of communication that allows them to feel even closer to their favourite sport.


Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA) is specialized in consultancy, stadium designs and the development of projects based on creating 360º sport environments. Our objective is to provide the best audiovisual equipment adapted to the specific needs of each sport, event or client. We focus on making spectators connect with the sport and to make them feel an active part of the event, designing an immersive and memorable experience around the stadium: the latest audiovisual technology, enabling the highest fan engagement.

TSA works with the latest technologies to maximise the possibilities of each sport venue. Their inclusion allow the generation of a greater amount of contents, many of which can be monetised, providing greater depth to the events. Among the solutions, the following stand out:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Unattended event production through AI. This technology is also applicable to other tasks such as automatic subtitling, highlights capture and editing, personalisation of content and advertising, AI-powered storage solutions and, in short, tools that optimised work and allow new solutions to be explored.
  • Remote Production: Remote production of events via IP, where all the production is executed kilometres away from the event.
  • Virtual Sets: The inclusion of basic virtual sets offers a wide range of possibilities for generating content. These sets only require:
    • One camera, one microphone and one PC
    • Virtual reality software to create virtual scenarios and elements
    • Fabric cyclorama with lighting on a tripod
    • Small space and low investment

Football Stadiums


1. Hi-end multimedia video scoreboards.

2. High-powered graphics with augmented reality option.

3. Satellite signals reception.

3. The stadium's private television channel, brought closer to the fan (CATV).

4. TV Headend (CATV and IPTV)

5. Distribution of the realization signal to screens.

6. PA (Public Address); microphones, amplifiers and speakers.

7. Intercom.

8. Fixed port network for audio, video and data junction boxes.

9. Internal audiovisual production systems and fixed robotic cameras.

10. Remote production from km away from the event.

By tailoring projects to the client’s needs, at TSA we help sports organisations to choose and implement the best technical solution, and thus provide them with the best audiovisual infrastructure for their facilities. The aim is to give the spectator a great audiovisual experience, whether they are in the stands or watching on their screens at home.

Tailor-made sports solutions

TV Fan

With direct contact with the fans thanks to new technologies, artificial intelligence, semi-automatic production, high-speed connections and great costs for a Broadcast Television, TSA carries out projects that adapt to the level and volume required by sports clients including football, basketball and handball clubs, etc.

It is now possible and viable to provide an audiovisual media to sports companies that can deliver any content in a 360º environment via internal or open TV signal, or over the Internet, social networks, OTT, podcasts, etc.

A television channel for a sports team

A means of directly communicating with the fan

Total interactivity in the audiovisual revolution 4.0 with artificial intelligence

Generate quality audiovisual content for the team fan

Cost effective technology makes it possible

What is
immersive reality?

It is the 360º Virtual Reality view that allows the user to interact in a 3D virtual environment with realistic experiences. Thanks to 5G and Telefónica technology, the immersive reality in sports is now a reality.

Did you know…

TSA has participated in the supply and installation of audiovisual infrastructure in renowned clubs such as Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, or FC Barcelona, both for their stadiums and their channels.