Broadcast Video over IP

The complete transition to IP for production centres is now a reality.


Transition to SMPTE 2110 standard

The replacement of the traditional elements that generate and manage 100% of the video signal such as cameras and matrices to a new 100% IP generation is a technological “paradigm shift” which is having an enormous impact on the engineering and operation of television broadcasting around the world. TSA has the capacity and the right human resources to help its clients make this transition successfully.

SDI<>IP cards processing in projects is decreasing because there are more and more native IP sources.

The SMPTE 2110 standard is currently being developed in all the equipment in the production chain in a Television Network and TSA is a pioneer in the design, configuration and implementation of these types of end-to-end IP projects.

TSA’s contribution to this transition

  • Advising clients in the design and configuration of these projects, as well as in the configuration of all the parameters of the orchestrator software, in the design of the network, and in the integration of all the audiovisual equipment involved in this type of projects.
  • The Telefónica Group’s purchasing capacity allows for very competitive strategic agreements with the main suppliers from the IP world, which is growing in relevance in video projects, such as Juniper, Cisco, Arista, HP, or Dell.
  • The most appropriate equipment for avant-garde IP transmission projects. This means offering innovative products that are already consolidated in audiovisual technologies, all of which is handled by highly qualified staff.
  • Selection of brands and equipment for these types of projects, based on their reputation and solidity.
  • Commitment to highly redundant and resistant solutions. Redundancy throughout the chain is taken into account in all Video over IP routing designs.

What is the
SMPTE 2110 standard?

SMPTE ST-2110 is the industry-developed standard that encompasses various transport specifications over IP for video, audio, ancillary data, synchronisation, recognition and description. Its main difference with SMPTE ST-2022 is that the different streams are transported separately.

Did you know…

TSA has implemented the first project of a production centre over IP SMPTE 2110 within the Iberian Peninsula.