Mobile Units and Remote Production

Mobility and flexibility at your fingertips.
Integration of mobile solutions for production and signal broadcasting.


TSA manufactures and integrates everything needed to produce and broadcast outdoor events: mobile OB Vans (Outside Broadcast Van) with multi-camera production units; remote production systems with the controls carried out at a distance of hundreds of kilometres away; and COFDM or DSNG satellite broadcasting units.

TSA builds the production and/or broadcasting unit with the latest technology made available to its customers, from small ENG (Electronic News Gathering) or DSNG (Digital Satellite News Gathering), to large EFP (Electronic Field Production) lorries.

Mobile units

Remote production

Remote production is a new technique for the creation of audiovisual content.

Live broadcastings and their production are managed remotely, at a different location from the event site, by transferring audio and video streams to a centralised location, where the video cameras and on-site equipment are remotely controlled.

Telecommunications infrastructure is used, which is offered on the market by the different operators for this purpose.

This way of producing significantly reduces production costs.

TSA designs all kind of solutions for this remote production, backed by the Telefónica Group’s experience, which currently performs the remote production of sporting events such as basketball from Movistar, operational in recent seasons.

4G and 5G Transmission

In areas where there is no problem in getting a good data connection it is possible to send video and audio signals live without the need for satellite support, thus taking advantage of the capacity available in mobile phone networks.

In this way, it is possible to send video and audio signal without having to broadcast via satellite, with the possibility of carrying out live broadcasts from anywhere with mobile coverage.

TSA has agreements with manufacturers of 4G Backpacks and implements all types of custom designs for any special needs that may be required.

Mobile OB Production Van units

Large, medium or small, in high definition, UHD, with custom configurations from 3 to 24 cameras, with HD, 4K or IP technology. TSA builds and configures any vehicle for the production of any event.

Mobile satellite broadcasting units

Transmitting the signal via satellite enables transmitting the news live regardless of the location.

TSA can develop Fly Aways and all types of mobile units for its customers:

  • Mobile Broadcasting Units (DSNGs) for video, satellite Internet.
  • Specific solutions for mobile radio units.
  • Customised mixed mobile unit solutions: Mobile units which incorporate both satellite broadcasting elements and production equipment.

What is a Mobile Unit?

It is a vehicle equipped with technology that allows an audiovisual production to be produced and/or transmitteded.

The first mobile television unit dates back to the 30s, and in Spain, in 1977 the first colour Mobile Unit was inaugurated in Barcelona for RTVE, with 4 cameras and a sound table with 24 channels.

Did you know…

Movistar + produces the Endesa League basketball games with remote production.