Radio Production Systems

Digital radio, whenever and wherever you want.


TSA integrates and develops radio production and broadcasting centres, with everything needed to produce an audio signal that increasingly includes videos on its web platforms (“Live Radio” or “Visual radio”).

  • Consultancy and design of radio production centres.
  • Project development, technology implementation and automated management for both AM, FM and satellite radio, as well as for IP (web).
  • Analysis of workflows and recommendations on the changes needed for digital transformation.

Integration of production centres

Sound ingest

Massive ingest for audio signals, answering machines, voice notes, mobile devices…

Signal control, hybrids…

Centralised digital matrix systems with the possibility of signal routing.

Studios, self-control rooms…

Installation and configuration of radio studios with control/booth or self-control formats.

Robotic cameras for radio&video formulas

Camera systems with the possibility of self-production for live programmes streaming.

Shared production systems

Integration of ingest, editing, broadcast, traffic, archive… creates collaborative work for all the profiles of a radio station.

File systems, in-house or cloud based digital audio library

Possibility of storing and retrieving files from documentary collections with all the associated metadata.

Broadcasting solutions

Automated, assisted and integrated broadcast according to advertising guidelines or promotions, with backup systems that guarantee the broadcast is realised.

Broadcasting systems, AM/FM, Satellite, OTT

Integration of broadcast transmission systems for the channels in all radio modalities for both contribution and diffusion and distribution.

What is a radio editing system?

It is an advanced solution for the production and editing of news and audio recordings for broadcasting or archive.

Did you know…

TSA has carried out one of the largest and most complex projects to interconnect radio production centres, using DALET technology in Spanish National Radio (RNE in its Spanish initials).