Teleport Design

Design and engineering in transmission projects too.


TSA is responsible for the consultancy, design and installation of all the necessary elements within a teleport.

Teleport Design

The project is executed so that, depending on their needs, clients can develop the following services (among others) within the teleport:

  • Telephony services or voice services.
  • IP and broadband services.
  • Multimedia (TV and radio) and DTH services.
  • Corporate and institutional VSAT network services…
End-to-end teleport integration as a turnkey project:
  • Foundations / concrete / slabs / bases / ducting / earth / beacons / heaters / king posts.
  • Encoders.
  • Satellite modems / modulators.
  • Up Converter / BUCs.
  • HPAs, SSPAs, TWT, Klystron.
  • Transmission/reception antennas.
  • Receptors / IRDs / STB s/ Set-top boxes / circulators / switches / diplexers / circulators / chargers.
  • LNBs, waveguides, splitters and combiners.
  • Monitoring systems / Management systems.
  • VERA tests / Link calculation / Transmission plans.


Agreements with specific manufacturers of these types of facilities:
Comtech EF Data (Xicom) / CPI / NEC / General Dynamics / Newtec / Ericsson / Teamcast / ASC / Andrew / MITEQ (N3 Narda) / Harmonic.

The experience in the services offered by TSA with its own teleport has served as a basis for carrying out turnkey projects for complete teleports.

What is a

A teleport, Ground station or Earth station, is a terrestrial radio station for telecommunications for the broadcasting of various TV, voice and data services via satellite.

Did you know…

TSA has been involved in the design and installation of 9 Teleports in Spain and Latin America.