Medical Care

All the audiovisual technology that a hospital needs to facilitate the work of its medical team.

TSA offers audio and video solutions and advanced integrations for hospitals and operating theatres which are adapted to the workflow of each centre. These systems are comprehensive solutions which interrelate the recording and broadcasting equipment, with medical devices, information systems and patient records, which can also be supplied by TSA. Within the hospital operating theatre it is possible to offer multiple audiovisual systems, and even integrate diagnostic systems and image digitalisation



With other systems such as PACS, HIS o RIS.


From any signal to any monitor and signal multiplexing.

Surgical monitors or panels

With medical-grade viewing in operating rooms and theatres.

Content acquisition

Live video with specific cameras in consultation rooms or operating theatres.

Voice recognition

To issue voice commands to the system, text transcription or label editing.

Provision of rooms

Multi-disciplinary with monitoring and video-conferencing for training purposes or participation tracking.

Transmission and sharing

Of contents via streaming, email or SN for medical support, training or conferences.

Face recognition

Of patients.

Recording of contents

For documentation or training.


Simple video editing.

Digital contents manager

To find the right image, document or video.

Content export

To PDF or PPT for presentations.

Archiving and cataloguing

Of contents.

What is a hybrid operating theatre?
These are operating theatres in which, in addition to being used as somewhere to perform interventions, diagnoses can be performed there thanks to audiovisual diagnostic equipmentthat normally enables less invasive surgeries for the patient.

Did you know…

Most dentists use video systems to record and catalogue their sessions?