We integrate audiovisual solutions to bring parliamentary activity closer to citizens.

The Senate, the Congress of Deputies, the various Autonomous Parliaments and each local Council require a specific audiovisual infrastructure so that the activity of our representatives can reach the homes of all citizens. They are demanding environments with very defined requirements. In this regard, TSA has great experience and knowledge of the peculiarities and procedures of an assembly institution. This type of project also requires considerable specialisation in buildings with unique architectural characteristics due to their artistic, historical and institutional nature, which TSA boasts.
Production, recording and broadcasting of the institutional television signal
Signal acquisition in the chamber and committee rooms
Transport of both IP or HD video signal
Production Control Room
Postproduction and graphics
Set for recordings
TV Headend
Debate and simultaneous translation systems
Voting display systems
Catalogue and video generation system for the subsequent archiving of the sessions and their management and/or publication on the Internet
Application of automatic systems and artificial intelligence to these environments

Did you know…

TSA has installed more than 200 cameras in various projects inparliaments and assemblies.