Audiovisual Systems Maintenance Service to achieve Digital Transformation from start to finish.


The maintenance of the new system is of equal or greater importance than the digital transformation project itself.


  • The capability of offering our customers both remote and on site support.
  • Preventive Maintenance, through which Telefónica conducts periodic reviews of the infrastructure to detect any anomalies before the failure occurs. TSA will notify the customer regarding what actions will be carried out, the objective of the said actions, as well as any potential risks and “backtracking” actions by means of an impact assessment of the intervention; information is also provided on the duration of these actions and the time window to be used will be agreed beforehand.
  • Corrective Maintenance, to return the system to normal once an error has occurred. Every effort will be made to return operations back to normal in the shortest possible time.
  • Team of certified professionals with various manufacturers
  • Tool for monitoring service level agreement plans, for the interaction with each customer involved in the different projects where the service is offered.
  • Different types of SLAs: 8x5 or 24x7depending on the customer’s needs.

The work of the staff

Preventive maintenance

according to the plans designed

Corrective maintenance

with set requirements

Single point of contact at Level 1

that will trigger subsequent escalation

Performance of planned

updates and upgrades

Maintenance and updating

of the Incidents database and Solutions and problem resolution

Procedures improvement


Did you know…

TSA has provided more than 60,000 hours in support and maintenance to the news programmes broadcast by themain public television channels in Spain?