Euskal Irrati Telebista, EiTB Media, awards TSA, Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, the renewal of its radio production system

News 9 April, 2021


Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA), is in charge of carrying out the renovation of the digital content production system and radio programs of Euskal Irrati Telebista (EiTB Media), the Basque Public Radio Television. EITB Media technological renovation, through its stations Euskadi Irratia, Radio Euskadi and Radio Vitoria, includes the Dalet Galaxy five content production systems and radio programs for the production centers of Bilbao, Miramon in San Sebastian, Vitoria-Gasteiz and its delegations in Pamplona and Madrid.

Once again, TSA will implement a solution based on Dalet Galaxy five platform. For this reason, it relies on its technological partner Dalet for the execution of the project, an indisputable reference in technologies for radio production and post-production with numerous successful projects in the market.

Solution that will ensure high availability with a redundant global infrastructure based on a client/server configuration, in which all Dalet application services (indexing, file movement, conversions, etc.) that run on any physical server are also installed on other physical servers to achieve total redundancy and load sharing.

The renewal of the digital content and radio program production system is taking place in 4 phases, starting in the first phase with Bilbao headquarters and Madrid delegation, the second with Miramón headquarters, Vitoria headquarters in third phase and Iruña (Pamplona) delegation in fourth and final phase.

The project includes the integration of systems, both the proprietary systems of EiTB Media and third parties, as well as those supplied by the contracting entities, including: the advertising management system, the music rotation system (Music Master), the content management system and existing MAM (Media Asset Management), the play-list system, CMS and social networks, access to repositories, migration and Visual Radio system, among others.

Dalet is a powerful, very open system that provides APIs, allowing its integration with third-party systems and giving clients the power to choose which proprietary or market tools to work with. At the same time, Dalet is a digital production solution oriented to multi-device and multi-format production and publication, from a single writing position it is possible to generate content for the different environments, devices and formats that around us today.

The project that TSA as integrator, has developed for EiTB Media, is based on Dalet Galaxy five platform and its associated BackOffice for each headquarters (Bilbao, Gasteiz and Miramón) and delegations (Iruña and Madrid). It has a total of 118 positions for Bilbao headquarters, 69 positions in Gasteiz, 118 positions in Miramón, 16 positions for Iruña delegation and 3 positions in Madrid.

The designed solution ensures high availability with a redundant global infrastructure based on a client/server configuration, in which all Dalet application services (indexing, file movement, conversions, etc.) executed on any server are also installed on other physical servers for redundancy and load balancing.

This advanced radio production digital system has Dalet platform modules with multiple functionalities: audio and video editing with Dalet OneCut, studio broadcasting with Dalet OnAir, metadata and content cataloging with Dalet Asset Manager and MediaLogger, centralized search of contents, workspaces, views and metadata access tabs, administration through Remote Admin, creation and management of play-lists, etc.

It natively supports WAV, MP3, AAC audio formats in multiple bitrates, samples, etc. making conversions if necessary as required by workflows. In this way, the solution guarantees compatibility in the transfer, storage and processing of content without the need for recoding between the different components of the system.

The system also allows the simultaneous transcoding of multiple files, has the necessary hardware and software resources for recording continuity signals and includes integration for accessing the contents of the current file.

Once all the phases have been executed, the shared production system will allow both the exchange and sharing of content between the different locations, as well as access to the content catalogs and repositories from any duly authorized workstation at any location.

The IP network infrastructure, which will serve all users/clients of EiTB Media radio production system, has been designed with DELL network switches. These switchers have a completely redundant architecture, composed of two main systems (cores) and 10Gb connections between the access equipment and the main switches.

In the data servers section, TSA as an open integrator to the best manufacturers in the market, has selected Hewlett Packard (HP) technology for this project with high-performance IT servers. They have; redundancy in disks, processors and memory modules, providing security and reliability to the solution presented.

The storage chosen for the three sites (Bilbao, Miramón and Vitoria) is a hybrid flash system FAS2700 from the manufacturer NetApp, with all redundant components to offer high availability of up to 99.999%.

TSA, as an integrator with extensive experience and trajectory in large projects in radio, television and audiovisual broadcast sector, ensures success in carrying out the transition and migration from current systems to new systems, as well as in change management for facilitate the adaptation of users to the new solution. TSA has numerous success stories to its credit implementing and integrating Dalet solutions. Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales provides a human team with extensive experience in integration and implementation of audio video systems and solutions.

As an integrator, TSA considers of vital importance in this type of projects, the training and start-up phase, in which the client acquires the confidence necessary to execute the previously defined workflows, with normality, ease and efficiency in a new production system.

The project includes 5 support years, which guarantees the continuity of the service by means of the rapid reestablishment of the operation in case of interruption, loss of performance or quality degradation, avoiding incidents, identifying the causes that produce them and implementing solutions that eliminate them. TSA offers proactive and reactive support at the highest level, proof of this is the trust of its customers demonstrated year after year.