Measures taken by Telefonica Audiovisual Services during Covid-19 quarantine

News 16 April, 2020




At the moment at Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales #Wekeepconnected, #Wekeepworking from our homes and homes. Our staff is fully committed to our Customers and Friends.

We maintain the level of service required at these difficult times and for the common good we keep our distances (#Stayathome).

We are adapting to a new way of doing things, of meeting the commitments and continuing to offer the quality that the Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales brand means.
  • All areas of the company that do not require essential service coverage are working remotely. We ensure continuity of service and do not stop projects, seeking to advance what is possible to progress.
  • In the coverage of the service considered essential, protocols for protection and control against this disease have been implemented.
  • Our staff is the core of the company, so their protection is the most important thing for us.
  • In order to improve the service and future recovery of normal activities, a training campaign has been launched aimed at further improving the capabilities and knowledge of our staff.

How can we help you?

We put all the experience of Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales at your disposal. We have a great team motivated and wanting to help and fulfill any requirement, accompaniment or need in which we can contribute.