RTPA takes a firm step into the broadcast video over IP together with Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales

News 14 November, 2022


The Radiotelevision of the Principality of Asturias (RTPA), is firmly committed to the evolution of its audio and video infrastructure towards a broadcast video over IP environment, through a tender for the renovation of equipment at its facilities in Gijón. To do this, it has Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA), which has been awarded the tender that will place, Asturian Television, at the forefront of the latest audiovisual technology.

Through this project, TSA undertakes for RTPA the comprehensive transformation of its infrastructure, which passes to broadcast video over IP world according to the SMPTE 2110 standard, with the added capacity of 4K production, thanks to a minimal additional investment. The project includes, from the evolution of the central core of its installation to the renovation of the audiovisual equipment in studios 1 and 2, including in the last one a virtual graphic system that gives greater flexibility to own productions with a low impact on final cost.

In addition, the radio system, signal reception and contribution systems, automation systems, continuity, traffic and graphics are renewed; and a new control and orchestration system is incorporated. Much of the new system is installed on a new virtualization platform.


The solution proposed by TSA for the installation central core is based on a spine/leaf network typology, both for the media network and the control network, which will be integrated with the current RTPA production network. This type of network provides the necessary flexibility and response capacity in an environment in which it is of vital importance that all the members of the system share all the resources. As required by the SMPTE 2110 and 2022-7 regulations, the media network is also proposed with 2 fully redundant networks (blue and red), which provide robustness to the installation, allowing the receivers to automatically switch to the redundant flow in case of network failure.

In a high-demand system, such as this one, it is essential that all the links in the chain work perfectly, so it is essential that the equipment that integrates it is up to the task at all times. To do this, TSA has the support and experience of the main manufacturers in the market. In the case of network electronics, Cisco’s IP Fabric for Media (IPFM) solution, specifically designed for the needs of the audiovisual environment with proven efficiency and reliability, has been chosen by TSA for this project. The integration of IPFM with the most important manufacturers in the industry (Lawo or Sony among others), allows RTPA to have a solution with the maximum guarantees, respecting the traditional form of interaction in the user interface to the maximum.

Lawo’s VSM management system together with Cisco Network Dashboard Fabric Controller (NDFC) management system provides a complete view of the network and the devices connected to it in a single dashboard.

Also, Lawo is the manufacturer considered by TSA for audio and radio equipment and signal processing systems, multiscreen and gateways, based on the V_matrix platform. The installation of gateways allows the integration of the new broadcast video over IP installation with the SDI equipment, in addition to executing the audio multiplexing and demultiplexing processes.

Other reference manufacturers that TSA counts on for the solution development and success are: Sony for cameras, mixers and technical monitoring, Sapec in satellite reception and contribution system, Dalet for the studio automation system (OnePlay), Vizrt in graphics and Imagine in automation and continuity video servers.

Services like consultancy to support the installation and uninstallation of previous systems processes in different phases, integration and new workflows, and staff training with technical assistance provided by our engineers after installation and 5-year warranty, guarantee a good result of the execution and the solution reliability under the seal of quality that proves the experience and trajectory of TSA team.

Pictures loaned by RTPA