Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales distributes Telesur English on ASTRA

News 6 March, 2023


The channel Telesur English HD, has been incorporated by Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales to its platform SES Astra 19.2 E, from where its distribution is carried out.

Telesur is a multi-state Latin American news channel that operates under the legal name of Nueva Televisión del SUR C.A. Its broadcasting is offered in two versions, a Spanish one, whose satellite distribution was already being executed by TSA, and an English one.

Telesur English is encoded in HD and its distribution, recently conducted by TSA, is done through SES Astra 19.2 E satellite, a leading satellite distribution platform in Europe and North Africa, with more than 85 million HDTV households and 33 million direct-to-home satellite distribution (51% of all households with HD reception).

In this way, TSA continues to expand its satellite video services, being one of the leading operators in the sector. The strategic location of its teleport in Guadalajara, as well as strategic agreements with leading providers such as ASTRA, HISPASAT or HOTBIRD, make it possible for TSA to continue growing in the satellite world, both in video distribution services and data communications, where it is also the Spanish market leader.