The work and effort of TSA, rewarded with 3 awards in the second edition of the TM Broadcast Awards

News 30 May, 2022


Once again, Telefónica’s integration projects are rewarded, this time in the second edition of the TM Broadcast awards, obtaining the recognitions for “Best infrastructure renovation project”, “Best remote technical production” and “Best file integration”.

In this new installment of the TM Broadcast Awards, Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales wins in 3 of the 15 categories present in the awards, which has an expert, professional and impartial jury that recognizes the excellence of each of the audiovisual projects based on the values of independence, commitment and solidity.

Award to Telemadrid’s content production platform

The installation of the Mediabackbone HIVE production system of the Sony brand as a central system in the Telemadrid facilities is chosen by the jury as the “Best infrastructure renovation project”, since it represents an innovation between the different existing systems in the market “for being a hyperconverged production solution, capable of combining hardware and software in media, Internet and Cloud technologies to become a multimedia, flexible, highly distributed, robust and scalable system”.

The project, which integrates the new production system with the writing and graphics systems with which the RTVM already works, allows to manage, natively, formats of audio and video files very different from each other, whether they are proxy resolution, SD or high definition such as UHD / 4K / HDR, intertwined and progressive, Broadcast formats or more oriented to consumption, etc.

It is a future-proof platform already prepared for the cloud and fully compatible with the SMPTE2110 standard, which offers the Madrid entity the possibility of making the leap to IP Broadcast Video in their workflows in a simple way when they want.

Looking to the future with remote cloud production of a previous Real Madrid Champions League match

TSA wins the award for “Best Remote Technical Production” with the project of remote and personalized production of an official match of the Champions League of the white team made with the means of production of Telefónica Broadcast Services and those of realization of Grass Valley together with the resources in cloud of AWS. A technology in full swing that “reflects the future of the remote production of sporting events and that makes the teams of TSA, TBS and Grass Valley deserving of the award” as the jury qualifies.

A broadcast of the match held at the Santiago Bernabéu that lasted more than 3 hours, also counting on the pre-match and the press conferences, interviews and comments in the post-match. To carry it out, technical resources and human resources were installed in the stadium, such as recording cameras, live connection points, etc., while the realization and operation of the event was carried out 30 kilometers from the stadium, at telefónica’s facilities in Tres Cantos through the use of signals directly over the cloud using public Internet connections in the operation controls and in the enclosure sporty.

Third award, updating and improving the RMTV archive

“Best file integration” is the award that Telefónica receives for the archiving project of the Real Madrid Television content platform. For the jury, “the integrated infrastructure is monumental and the efforts required to carry out a development of such magnitude are worthy of recognition”, which makes Telefónica worthy of this recognition.

The age of the management platform and the large amount of existing content in the storage are the triggers for the media of the white club to bet on this renovation and improvement of the archive. This project, which allows the integration of the Real Madrid TV archive in the cloud, consists of two different parts; on the one hand the content management platform or MAM Viz One from Vizrt, which is updated to its latest version and has configured the AWS S3 file as a new storage space. And on the other, the integration and migration, at the same time, of all the content of the deep file of the RMTV in the Amazon Web Services Cloud, with almost 1 Petabyte in size.

From Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales we thank TM Broadcast for giving us the opportunity to opt for these awards that value excellence, innovation and technical quality of the work done in each project. In turn, congratulate the jury for their work and the rest of the winners.