TSA participates in the conferences of the BITAM show 2019

News 26 November, 2019


Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales has been part of a select group of systems integrators who have held the conference on Engineering and Integration of Television Systems in the last session of BITAM 2019 on Tuesday, November 26

Our Director of Audiovisual Services and Platforms Jose Luis García Cabrera was part of the conference regarding the situation of the world of integration in the Broadcast sector that TM Broadcast magazine organizes annually in the Crystal Pavilion of the “Casa de Campo” on the occasion of Bitam Show.

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales was accompanied on this occasion by other important integrators, Unitecnic and Datos Media, in addition to Avid as manufacturer and sponsor of the session, giving a complete overview of the main challenges that the integration sector is facing both with public and private clients.

Thus, the speakers responded to the questions of Luis Sanz, consultant and historian of the Broadcast and Media sector, who moderated the session, and started the session asking if the integrators approach public or private clients in the same way, point in which Jose Luis García, Director of TSA has stressed that “the way to approach customers is very similar in both cases and is marked above all by the high technical knowledge that Broadcast customers have”. The position of TSA, in this sense, has always been to have an “aseptic” approach to customers in terms of brands; so that the needs of customers are put before. Always evaluating the optimal solution that adjusts the most to each client and each project according to their particularities; without this solution being conditioned by the distribution contracts with the different manufacturers.

Other questions that the attendees had to answer had to do with the problem of projects that do not start from scratch but must be updated, the new Opex models, pricing policies especially in public tenders, how to work when the customer has a purchasing platform, if the proposals of the competition are known or if the manufacturers give the same price to all bidders, how to work a proposal with the economic part that has a lot of weight on the total proposal, how to begin executing the projects won or how support and guarantee are managed when problems arise once the integration of the project as such has already been completed.

An interesting session that highlighted the day to day of the systems integrators in the Broadcast and Television Systems sector.