TSA provides Castilla y León Televisión with 4G backpacks

News 24 July, 2019


Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales has been the company seleted by the regional television as a provider of 4G backpacks.

Castilla y León Televisión has relied on TSA to equip itself with 13 4G backpacks and 11 receivers with which it is possible to meet its live connection needs for regional and local news, as well as for the rest of its programming.

For the Castilla y León regional television, a contribution system of live signals that met its quality standards with a cost-effective solution, covering a region as wide as Castilla-León is, was essential.

The solution proposed by TSA is based on portable 4G digital links, in H.265 encoding, with extra licences for “mobile journalism” that allow the reception and live transmission through mobile phones.

Aviwest, world leader in this kind of broadcast systems, has been the brand chosen for the project. Together with the invaluable advice of its distributor in Spain, NRD, the chosen model has been the AW-DP380 of the PRO3 Series family Video-Encoder/Transmitter, which supports up to eight SIM cards, ensuring maximum coverage at any location. The StreamHub Standard model with 4 SDI outputs, and also with the MOJO licenses that allow the signal reception from mobile devices and from the 4G Backpacks, has been selected as a receiver.

With this acquisition, Castilla y León Televisión has improved the quality of its news bulletins, telling from a live point, the news where it has happened.




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