TSA provides CVMC with mobile transmission units and decoders

News 8 May, 2023


The Corporación Valencia de Medios de Comunicación (CVMC) has adjudicated Telefónica Audiovisual Services (TSA) the supply of 8 3G/4G/5G transmission backpacks and 2 receiver units for technical control. 

Currently, the CVMC owns equipment from the manufacturer Aviwest to decode 4 SDI signals from streaming transmissions. The increase in the number of live broadcasts in the different news editions, together with the improvement of technology in 5G mobile networks, have led the Valencian entity to consider the need to expand the technical equipment of news booking.

Thanks to the acquisition of two additional StreamHub video decoder units from Aviwest manufacturer, the number of IP signals that can be processed for distribution in SDI from the Central Technical Control increases from 4 to 12 simultaneously. In the same way, the number of transmission units has been increased with the acquisition of 8 backpacks from the same manufacturer, to allow direct transmission from any point through mobile telephone networks.

The new transmission units feature 3G/4G/5G technology and are 100% compatible with the receiver units. The scope of supply includes both the units and their transport backpacks, with V-mounting plate for fixing the unit and different compartments and zippers to house both the cabling and the power supply, as well as their corresponding batteries and rain covers.

The reception of the signals in Central Control, by RMTP, RTSP/RTP, HLS and TS/IP protocols, is carried out through two Aviwest StreamHub decoder new units.

TSA is in charge of installing and integrating these units with the one currently in operation, increasing the number of SDI outputs from 4 to 12, as well as “pairing” these units with the different transmission units and configuring the different software licenses.

All the equipment has 4 years of warranty and maintenance, including the necessary updates for the correct operation of the system during this time.