TSA Teleport, strategic communications center, protagonist in Panorama Audiovisual

News 21 December, 2022


In Armuña de Tajuña, in the province of Guadalajara (Spain), Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA) operates a vital importance facility in Europe’s satellite transmission operations. A strategic center for Telefónica from which multiple worldwide communications services are offered, including 4 of the 5 continents: Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

Backed by more than 25 years of experience, TSA’s activity is focused on always providing the best service, both in engineering and broadcast operation as well as in audiovisual solutions, using the best technology to guarantee the quality and level of commitment to our customers.

Our work takes place throughout the world, a privilege that has allowed us to deploy audiovisual projects and solutions in more than 25 countries, from the supply of equipment to the exploitation of services.

Among these services is the operation of the Guadalajara teleport, for which TSA has been responsible for several years. A facility that can boast of being one of the strategic centers that Telefónica has around the world. The geographical location of this earth station on the Iberian Peninsula makes it the most southern teleport in Europe, which allows us to be a communications bridge with 4 continents: Europe, Africa, America, and Asia – Middle East.

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The services that TSA offers from the satellite station include the distribution of more than 200 satellite television channels on the main platforms (Eutelsat, Hispasat, Astra and Intelsat); as well as Up-Link DTH services for Movistar+ and DSTV (a South African company for satellite content distribution in sub-Saharan Africa). Regarding data services, the operation of the teleport allows us to offer satellite broadband services to both public institutions and private companies, in addition to VoIP, satellite internet, and remote areas data transmission.

The facility has a large capacity for multiple services. Currently, the communications center has 35 operating transmitting antennas, some 50 receiving antennas, and 70 VSAT antennas, for transmission of internet, voice and data services. This allows us to bring connectivity to remote areas where other technologies don’t reach, such as 4G or 5G.


On the other hand, the scalability of the center is immense, with an impressive extension to continue growing. Its interior and exterior spaces occupy an area equivalent to 25 football fields.

Highly qualified personnel made up of specialists in satellite, RF, and broadcast services, in addition to personnel dedicated to the energy part, carry out the center’s engineering, operation, and maintenance services 24 hours a day.

A facility with proven robustness that, thanks to the commitment and dedication of TSA personnel, has demonstrated to be up to the task with a high score in the most adverse situations, such as the historic snowfall that swept through the center of the Peninsula in January 2021 in which no service was affected, thus achieving what is always a priority for us, a high level of customer satisfaction.


Our colleagues Alejandro Benito and Francisco Panduro, Operation Manager and Satellite Sales Manager respectively, tell us these details and much more in an interesting interview recently offered to the specialized magazine Panorama Audiovisual. The editorial team traveled to the Guadalajara station to offer an interesting article and video report that can be accessed through the following link: