Audiovisual Infrastructure in Wanda Metropolitano arena

Atlético de Madrid


Synergy and collaboration project between Telefónica Group companies in which Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales carries out the fixed ports networks infrastructure that allows to offer services to the media, cabling supply and small audiovisual equipment, as well as the maintenance and support service in the Stadium.

In December 2017, Telefónica de España reached a collaboration agreement with the Atlético de Madrid football team, through which the Spanish telecommunications multinational became the technological provider of Wanda Metropolitano. Thanks to the technology set up by Telefónica de España, Wanda Metropolitano would become the first football arena in Europe 100% IP.

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales engineering department took part in this important Telefónica de España project integrating the fixed ports network; audiovisual infrastructure distributed all over Wanda Metropolitano entire perimeter loop and configured for 55 system connection boxes located in stipulated points by the FIFA: stands area, integral control unity (I.C.U) and Mobile Units nodal center.

The installation entrusted to Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales eased the interconnection between television cameras and the studio control room through fiber cam, optic fiber, dark optic fiber, triax, video and audio. Besides, this allows to connect the stadium with the mobile units which are located outside the arena. A total of over 100 kilometers of cabling were used to interconnect all the points.

This project involved a special and accurate scheduling that was required from the engineering department with all the subcontracted and involved companies in the project, so that the progress in the civil works was highly coordinated, and works could be finished at a time in each zone, so that the project could be closing areas with the established deadlines.

Another issue to consider was the environmental factor, since part of the audiovisual material had to be weather resistant, avoiding dust and humidity, what determined the choice of fixed ports system according to specific needs: IP boxes for outdoors and wall boxes for studios and indoor areas of the arena.

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales is also in charge of supplying small audiovisual equipment, cabling, connectors and small installation materials that are additionally used in the provision of the necessary day-to-day services in the Stadium.

The project also embraces an onsite support and maintenance service of all the audiovisual systems present in the stadium, as well as a support service for all the possible events belonging to external companies that often take place in Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales had previously developed similar projects for other football clubs, such as Santiago Bernabéu (Real Madrid, C.F), Benfica and Leiria (Portugal), and Monterrey Football Club (Mexico).

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