TV and Radio Production Center and COFDM system

Aragón TV


The creation of all the technical infrastructure for the new TV and Radio production center of the Aragonese entity in Zaragoza and in Huesca and Teruel delegations, as well as the installation of a motion transmission system based on COFDM and the technical exploitation of the channel.

The implication of Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales in Aragón TV-autonomic TV channel that stands out among others of its kind because of gaining notable audience results- started in 2005 with the awarding of the macro contract in favor of TSA, which would give rise to the born of Aragonese television. Since then, between Aragón TV and Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales have been founded a solid professional relationship that today is still keeping.

That original contract, awarded to TSA in a very tight public tender with the main Spanish systems integrators of the audiovisual area, included the entirety of the technical infrastructure necessaries to support the radio and television broadcast regulated for the Public Aragonese Corporation (CARTV): equipment, installation, integration, maintenance, and setting up of the main production center and broadcastings of the autonomic channel based in the Zaragoza, as well as territorial delegations in Huesca and Teruel.

The production and emissions center of Zaragoza was designed to satisfy the needs of own production of the channel, reason why it has 2 large sets (300m2 and 500m2), with both a virtual set and set for production of news. All the operations carried out in these sets are coordinated interchangeably from 3 production controls.

Another issue that is important to emphasize about TSA contribution to the start project, is the supply and integration of the first mobile radio unit and the installation of COFDM links system that allows the sending of video and audio signals in movement from each point of the Aragonese Capital without being necessary to set up direct view.

Apart from all of this, Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales trained and hired the entire technical operations staff that they were in charge of during the years of validity of the contract. They were a staff dependent of TSA that would grow across the years until getting the number of 160 professionals.

Zaragoza Program Production Center – Television


2 sets, 1 news set and 1 virtual set  
3 production controls  
Ingest, recording and formats change.  
Production System with storage for news and programs, newsrooms, ENLs, cataloging, editing and ingest booths and audio postproduction  
2D and 3D graphics system and virtual system  
Continuity for various channels  
Central Control  
File System: high and low storage, file manager and tape library  
Antennas and satellite reception systems  

Zaragoza Programs Production Center – Radio


3 radio studios  
Recording booths  
Central control with large format matrix and centralized digital audio mixer  
Audio management integrated system with redaction places  
Radio mobile unit  

Huesca and Teruel delegations – Television


News set with robotic cameras, realization control, lighting, monitoring, etc.  
Edition with access to principal headquarter  

Huesca and Teruel delegations – Radio


Autocontrol studio  

Huesca and Teruel delegations – COFDM system


3 mobile units  
Mobile COFDM cameras  
2 COFDM towers with diversity reception and CPP for the mobile units signal reception  
Digital links for transport of the received signal to CPP  

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