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Supply and installation of a comprehensive Media Asset Management and Digital Newsroom solution with unified scalable storage for Radio and TV that enables the digitalisation of video and audio contents from analogue formats on tape that the UNED has in the Radio and Video/TV Departments in its Audiovisual Media Centre, CEMAV.

UNED Audiovisual Media Centre had an audiovisual content archive consisting of 1,500 hours of video in Umatic, Betacam SP and Betacam Digital formats, as well as 12,000 hours of audio in open-coil formats, including audio CDs in MPEG1, some of them already digitalised, which it wanted to be digitlise and archive. Digitalised content in a production system allows new functionalities for that content, such as creation of educational digital content, use of the content for the classes themselves, broadcasting the audio content over the UNED’s in-house channel, and even editing and creating reports that are later on exported to RTVE.

Likewise, CEMAV required a system to optimise its production of radio, television and video content in order to automate processes, offer immediate access to content, catalogue it and ease its distribution, as well as to complete the shift from an analogue system using a magnetic medium to a 100% digital system.

The MAM platform installed at the CEMAV was Galaxy from the manufacturer Dalet, a powerful tool for the unified management of both radio and television systems. The system allows content capturing or exporting from or to several VTR or XDCam channels for video and audio in baseband or with files via controlling the intakes.

The captured content is registered in the system and passes to the production system, where it can be catalogued, viewed or edited for subsequent transmission. It is also controlled by the Dalet OnAir or Dalet One Cut system archived both in Radio and in Television in the HSM system and library in such a way that the contents will always be accessible and can be archived or retrieved depending on their needs.

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales has also carried out the support and maintenance of the system since the project was launched.

Implementation of production system and content management



Control Ingest/Playout TV x1

  • Videoserver 4in/4out and control of TV ingest and broadcast
Dalet, Brio

Control Playout Radio x2

  • Radio broadcast control

Production System

  • Digital newsroom system with more than 40 journalist positions, TV and Radio and Editing documentation

File System with:

  • High resolution production storage with 22 TB net
  • HSM file manager
  • Tape library with 25 slots and 2 drives
EMC2 Isilon, XenData, Quantum
Network electronics 

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Dalet, Dell, EMC2, Quantum