Land contribution service for Iberia



The supply of the TV Cazavisión channel to various operators in Spain and Portugal at the Interxion Data Centre in Madrid

Since the end of 2014, when Cazavisión decided to outsource its Playout, Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales has been responsible for its continuity operation and television channels distribution aimed at the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

In addition to continuity service and streaming, the agreement endorsed by both companies included, the transport via optical fibre of their Cazavisión HD and Cazavisión SDchannels, with their Spanish and Portuguese versions, to various operators such as ONO, Euskaltel, MEO, Orange, Opencable or Airenetworks. For this purpose, the Interxion Data Centre (Madrid) was established as the point for the interconnection and supply of these channels.

Moreover, TSA was responsible for the encoding, from the ouput playout signals, with the best H264 contribution equipment and 1+1 redundancy. The optical fibre transport between TSA and Interxion is carried out through diversified routes, where both facilities have real-time analysis and monitoring systems services. This is coupled by our 24x7 operation and monitoring services to guarantee high service availability.

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HD/SD, H264 Encoding, UTP IP Delivery


Playout, Content encoding for VoD, Streaming and transport to Interxion