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Implementation of the new HD production facility of Record TV’s international headquarters in Lisbon, with a more efficient tapeless workflow in order to increase its operating capacity in terms of the number of channels it broadcasts and meet the increase in the company’s production and programming needs in both, national and international areas.

The close professional relationship between Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales and Record TV dates back to 2013. It was then that this subsidiary of the multinational company, Rede Record, a Brazilian communications group with presence in more than 150 countries on five continents, awarded TSA with the technical development of its new production facility in Lisbon, designed to centralise the production and broadcasting in Portuguese language for television markets in Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA, being also used this platform for the broadcast of a 24-hour news channel.

Thanks to the technology implemented by TSA, Record TV took both a qualitative leap from standard definition to high definition, and also a quantitative one, by increasing its number of continuities to make way for the significant growth of its own production that was seeked for with this project.

Another remarkable innovation was the adoption of new workflows, based on a tapeless environment, which in addition to achieving a greater process speed and agility has also meant a considerable reduction of media costs.

The project, which included audiovisual design and consulting, came into being with the integration of 2 television studios, of 112 and 136 square metres respectively, and a virtual set, controlled indistinctly from 2 production control rooms.

To meet the requirements of continuity and central control, Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales installed a large centralised matrix with an integrated multi-screen system, whilst also implementing an automated continuity solution and channel in a box video servers which guarantee redundancy in the continuity channels.

The installation was complemented by a digital production system for news editing, basic and advanced editing posts, video servers for the television studios, an ingest system, graphics, audio and video post-production rooms, an archiving system with online storage, HSM and a library.

Implementation of Record TV Production Facility



Studios (2 sets, 112 m2 and 136 m2 in size,, and 1 virtual set)

  • Cameras, microphones, virtual.
Sony, Sennheiser, Avid/Orad

Production controls

  • Video server, Video and audio mixer, multi-screen.
GV, Yamaha, Evertz

Central and continuity control for 6 channels

  • Multi-screen matrix and tallies matrix.
  • Automation, Video servers.
  • Audio and video monitoring, intercom, rasterisers, audio codecs and processors.
GV, Harris, Miranda, Kroma, varios
ENG camerasSony

Production System

  • Text System
  • Digital editing system with newsroom positions (with simple and/or advanced editing), NLEs, video servers for each studio, Audio Post-productions, Graphics.
  • Archive System with high and low resolution storage, nearline, archive manager and tape library.
  • Audio Post-production and Graphics
Avid, GV, Oracle, varios

This was the first of many projects in which Record TV relied once again on the Spanish company to expand, renovate and create new infrastructure in this and other production facilities for its expansion into various countries in Europe and Africa.

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Avid, GV, Oracle, Sony, Yamaha