VoD Operation for Movistar+ IPTV service in Spain



Publication of a wide catalogue of VoD contents for Movistar+ STB.

Technology is changing our television consumption habits. The possibility of being able to enjoy our favourite films and series at any time is increasing the consumption of VoD or Video On Demand contents. A service without interruptions, waitings, third-party programming and, also, available on multiple devices.

It is a growing business that is changing the way in which contents are manufactured, which is specific for VoD. This forces content providers to be more competitive, to make a more attractive catalogue, and to redesign the strategy, always taking into account the viewer’s opinion.

With the support of Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, and under the name of Movistar+, Telefónica has built a powerful IPTV and OTT platform in Spain that is committed to quality entertainment, drawing on a wide VoD catalogue of films, series, documentaries and children’s programming.

From its inception, TSA has been an important part of the process carrying out the materials intake for the IPTV service, serving as a bridge with the Majors (major production companies making series and films). The services included video library, storage, encoding in a format compatible with Movistar+ STBs, metadata, quality control and CMS operation. Controlling the entire process until the contents are published through Telefónica network.

We have processed more than 500,000 hours to date, with a monthly average of 3,000 encoded files and 7,000 files managed and published each month. For Movistar Series service, in 2015, more than 7,000 files were transcoded in a month, with an exhaustive quality control of all the contents before being published.

TSA has been witness of the evolution of this service since its very beggining, Telefónica Cable, Imagenio and Movistar, up to the appearance of the current Movistar+. Nowadays, we continue to work closely with Telefónica de España and Movistar+ to continue providing content quality control services, metadata modification, playlists management and ingest support and publication of contents in the CMS. In addition to a service and resolution of incidents 24/7 coordinating with the different areas of Telefónica involved in the service.

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HD/SD H264, UHD H265, TS MPEG2


Content intake, transcoding, subtitles, associated media editing, quality control, metadata, CMS operation.