Technical infrastructure deployment with Telefónica for Panamerican Games in Lima 2019

Telefónica del Perú


Deployment of all the broadcast and audiovisual technical infrastructure needed for the normal development of the Panamerican and Para Panamerican Games in Lima 2019.

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales joins forces with Telefónica del Perú (TdP) to accomplish the peruvian greatest event in 2019, the Pan American Games 2019, celebrated in the Andean capital from 26th July to 11th August, followed by the Parapan American Games celebrated from 22nd August to 1st September.  

TSA becomes one more time the audiovisual specialised company in Telefónica Group in charge of the technical solution for Telefónica del Perú to become the technological partner in Pan American Games.

In this complex project TSA is in charge of transporting the video signals between the different venues that form part of the Pan American Games through TdP communications system. By means of NetInsight equipment, thanks to ALDEA and under TSA’s management, both broadcast and institutional signals are led to the IBC (International Broadcat Centre) located in the MPC (Main Press Center) and from there to Media Networks PoP in Lurín, from where the signals are broadcasted to the world.

The project includes, besides, the Public Address System (PA) for all the venues and arenas that form part of the Games, including the loudspeaker cabins and the different size and with different uses amplifiers optimally allocated between the different facilities thanks to a feasibility study that allows to get the best location for each of them. All the venues audio forms also part of this acoustic project, not only the sound and music essential for the sport people in the tracks but also the sound that livens up the viewers of such a great event.

In an event of these features as important is the sound as the correct display of all the sports and events results. That is why the sound system has been supplemented with a complex LED screens system of different sizes according to the different needs and locations, as well the signal distribution to all those screens.

Both, the digital audio and video signals are delivered to different destinies over a Mediornet solution, which also involves the intercom system that will be discussed subsequently, from and to all the buildings comprising the event.

In respect of the control area and intercom, TSA deploys thanks to RIEDEL technology and partnership, all the required equipment and infrastructure to have Pan American Games connected, communicated and under control, thanks to Mediornet communication system with an Artist intercom matrix,  commentator and producer panels, both wired and wireless belt-packs and RF channels with headphones according to the specific needs in each site and sport. All this allows the routing of SDI, audio, MADI, LAN and intercom connections, among others, in such a way that technicians can be interconnected for the best service to be offered.  

The project is complemented with a video and audio production system to properly perform local productions or interviews to the participants along the whole event duration.

Finally but not less important, TSA has also been in charge of carrying out together with the partners the complex support and maintenance service for all the project throughout the Games. Undoubtedly an arduous task for everything to work perfectly that allows the signal reaching all our homes.

In summary, TSA has been entrusted with such an unfolding for the provisional implementation of more than 140.000 squared meters of screens with a 4 mm pitch, forty four installed sites in a record time, 400.000 kilograms of material distributed along the venues, kilometres of cabling and optic fiber to interconnect everything, over one hundred and fifty foreign professionals and eighty local professionals involved with country’s pride.

Last, but not least, the proportionally equivalent deployment installed for the Parapan American games, which take place just a few weeks after the Pan Americans, deserve a particular mention.

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