Video distribution network in the Iberian Peninsula

The Walt Disney Company


Provision of Disney channels to Spanish and Portuguese TV operators.

Fibre-optic transport service of the Disney Factory channels Spanish published on Movistar+ platform (Disney Channel HD, Disney Jr. SD, Disney Channel SD, Disney XD SD), is a task Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales has been performing since 2009 on behalf of the well-known multinational corporation, Disney.

The agreement entered into at that time by both companies also included the fibre-optic transport of  of some Disney channels in Portuguese version for several international operators: Vodafone PT, NOS, MEO, Optimus, Cabovisao. For this purpose, the Lisbon data centre (Equinix) was established as an interconnection and delivery point for the channels.

In addition to the direct fibre-optic transport service between sites, TSA also provides Disney with encoding and decoding services for the delivery of baseband and IP for the channels served in HD and SD formats.

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