Videowall and content control system for News



Supply and installation of a videowall and its graphics system for content control that allowed creating a new image in the News of the network.

In 2014, RTVE launched a new network’s newscast image, renewing the graphic line, tunes, sceneries, etc. of the Studio 1 set at Torrespaña from where the most followed News of Spain, TD1 and TD2 are broadcasted. A videowall with HD resolution that allows visual support in the narration of every news piece along with a state of the art graphics system, was included as the main decorative element of the set.

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales managed the videowall supply and startup project, as well as the associated content management platform. A team was formed in order to work side by side with the rest of RTVE professionals to ensure the perfect integration of the videowall and the rest of the scenaries. More than 140, 400x300 mm, LED modules were supplied to build a 8x2.10 m video surface with resolutions up to 4160x1092 pixels. This high resolution together with the small distance between pixels, 1,923mm (Pitch) and the high screen brightness made this element the ideal complement for live news.

Along with the screen, the graphics system that allowed to make the most of that screen by mixing different video windows using DVE effects in both 2D and 3D, was also integrated. The graphics system consisted of an HW Orad (Avid) platform with HD-SDI inputs and outputs, with enough rendering capability to manage 4K signals, as well as the workstations and the needed SW to generate and publish the graphics required in these kind of events.

During the project phase, all the consulting and engineering works needed to adapt the acquired technology to the graphic line that TVE professionals marked and that was constantly evolving, were carried out. Training the graphics staff in a very small space of time so that they were able to generate the new graphic line taking advantage of all the possibilities of the new graphic system was one of the most challenging points.

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