For more than 25 years we have been distributing more than 700 TV and radio channels, in addition to providing Internet, LAN, Voice IP and data services, thanks to an extensive communications network that allows us to reach any device anywhere in the world.


TSA develops satellite, fibre-optic and Internet broadcast services for telcos, businesses, government organisations andbroadcasters.

Thanks to its hybrid communications network, TSA provides global coverage for the broadcast of audiovisual content from TV producers, distributors and operators who need to distribute their content all over the world, in addition to providing television channel master control services from their facilities or in the cloud with the best technology and the most experienced professionals.

In the same way, TSA provides companies with voice and data servicesto their offices spread across a wide geographical area via point-to-point or point-to-multipoint fibre-optic and satellite networks

Telephone and Internet operators can extend their services through Telefónica’s satellite network,. by reaching remote areas where a fibre-optic service does not reach, or cover the demand for voice and data for companies that develop mobility services with voice, video and Internet services for travellers or data for applications and information exchange in real time.

Additionally, Over The Top and video streaming is pointing towards a revolution for signal distribution and content commercialisation in the audiovisual sector

Over The Top services, through the Internet, is becomingan alternative to the traditional distribution via cable or satellite television, simplifying the infrastructure required to reach anyone anywhere in the world. With new video compression technologies and greater bandwidth for Internet access, OTT content is becoming one of the best options for reaching the greatest number of users in every region, making this content profitable with all types of payment methods and targeted advertising.

The growth in the number of Internet-connected smart devices available, and the increased data bandwidth that enables a better user experience has caused video consumption to rocket.

OTT platforms have served to enhance the user experienceby adding VoD, movies, series and events in video on demand format to channels and live broadcasts, meaning the user can watch them whenever, wherever and on whatever device they want.

TSA hasin-depth experience in the broadcasting of multimedia content over the Internet and networksin the client’s corporate environments.