For more than 25 years, TSA has been distributing more than 700 TV and radio channels in addition to providing Internet, LAN, Voice IP and data services thanks to an extensive communications network that allows us to reach any device anywhere in the world.


TSA develops broadcasting services via satellite, fibre and the Internet for telcos, companies, government organisations and broadcasters.

Through TSA’s satellite network, telephone and Internet service providers can extend their services by reaching remote areas where a fibre-optic service does not reach or cover the demand for voice and data for companies that develop mobility services with voice, video and Internet services for travellers or data for applications and information exchange in real time.

In addition, TSA offers voice and data services to companies with offices spread across a wide geographically area through point-to-point or point-to-multipoint fibre-optic networks and satellite.

Thanks to its hybrid communication network consisting of satellite, fibre-optic and Internet services, TSA provides global coverage for the broadcasting of audiovisual content from producers, distributors and TV companies who need to distribute their content worldwide.

Telefónica’s robust communications network provides maximum security and reliability for all types of broadcasting projects whose communications are critical.