Video distribution networks

Contribution and distribution services for TV and radio signals through the Telefónica Group network, the largest, most robust and diversified on the market.

TSA transports TV and radio signals combining the Telefónica Group’s extensive national network with several international networks, building a communications network that allows it to connect through distinct technologies with any operator on the market and anywhere in the world.

Facilities and Services


Avenida de los artesanos 6, Tres Cantos (Madrid)


Carretera nacional 320, km. 254, Armuña de Tajuña (Guadalajara)

Telefónica has 2 hub centres for the exchange of television signals located in the Tres Cantos facilities and in the Guadalajara teleport, with a team made up of more than 50 experienced professionals. From there, TSA offers contribution and distribution services for TV and radio signals through a wide and diversified network made up of various technologies: More than 700 TV and radio channels are managed from these hub centres, offering a 24x7 operation, support and maintenance service. Each centre has diversified transport routes guaranteeing a high level of service availability.

Video Distribution Networks

Fibre optic networks
TSA offers various types of connections such as point-to-point, MPLS, PON, etc. These services can be carried out both with compression, for which the best encoders on the market are available; and without compression, or with optical-electric conversion for those customers who want to transport the original signal with the same characteristics.
IP Networks (MPLS)
MPLS with compression. TSA builds transport networks for the exchange of audiovisual signals with the best technology that allows the highest quality of compression and service.
Thedemand for transport services over the Internet is increasing due to its immediacy and low cost. For this reason, there are various solutions ranging from simple VPN tunnels to R-UDP protocols such as Zixi, NDI, etc.
What is an optical fibre?
It is a filament or bundle of filaments of dielectric material, such as glass or acrylic polymers that is used for the transmission of information over long distances by means of light signals.

Did you know…

Thehuge amount of data that travels through an optical fibre at the speed of light does so through a cable as thin as a strand of hair.