Presence in the main national and international POPs, building a large network that allows TSA to connect quickly and easily with all market operators.


The POPs, or Points of Presence, are neutral or independent data centres that allow interconnection with the main operators and the exchange of signals. With its international presence, TSA offers its customers great flexibility, versatility and speed in the transport and delivery or collection of their TV and radio signals.

Modes of transport and delivery

TSA offers transport services and signal delivery/collection in these POPs in various modalities:

IP Fibre

The fibre-optic system provides high signal quality and low delay, available in two modes: single mode and multi-mode.


This is the most in demand connection as it is the most standardised in the IP world.

Coaxial SDI

This is used in cases in which the customer needs the baseband signal, which is decoded with the best IRDs on the market.

Presence in national POPs

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales is present in various national and international POPs such as Interxion, Equinix, Telehouse etc.

Each of the centres has diversified transport routes and systems for 24x7 analysing and monitoring services in real time. This ensures high service availability.

What is a

POPs are neutral points of exchange of audiovisual signals where the main operators converge. It is a fast and economical way to transport TV and radio signals.

Did you know…

There is a POP in every major city in the world that allows operators to exchange TV signals easily and quickly.