Video streaming and content distribution Over The Top is revolutionising the distribution of signals and the marketing of content in the audiovisual sector.


The growth in the number of intelligent devices connected to the Internet and the greater bandwidth for data that allows for a better user experience, has caused video consumption to rocket.

The Over The Top, services provided via the Internet, emerge as an alternative to the provision of traditional cable or satellite television simplifying the infrastructure necessary to reach any audience anywhere in the world. With new video compression technologies and greater bandwidth for Internet access, OTT content becomes one of the best options for reaching the greatest number of users in each region, making this content profitable with all types of payment methods and targeted advertising. TSA is an expert in OTT services, but also has extensive experience in the broadcasting of multimedia content over networks in the customer’s corporate environments.

OTT platforms have served to enhance the user experience by adding to the channels and live broadcasts, VoD, films, series and video-on-demand events that the user can watch wherever, whenever and on whatever device they want.