Video streaming

The streaming of multimedia content on the Internet through CDNs or the customer’s corporate networks, both for live events and for video on demand (VoD).

TSA deals with the strong consumer demand for content on the Internet, where video is highly sought after, and therefore provides multimedia content for both live events and video on demand, with the best video quality and covering all devices on the market.


  • Encoding, distribution and live streaming worldwide.
  • Storage and distribution of VoD contents (Video On Demand).
  • Provision of resources to obtain the best Internet network access and possibility of using satellite services in case of poor Internet coverage.

Own transcoding platforms

TSA uses its own transcoding platforms, onsite and cloud-based, to achieve optimal video quality for all users on all devices.


TSA has extensive experience in streaming multimedia content via the Internet (streaming), through CDNs (Content Delivery Network or through networks in the customer’s corporate environments, both for live events and for video on demand (VoD).






What is Video streaming?
The streaming, also called media transmission, stream by sequences, live streaming or just streaming, is the digital provision of multimedia content in real time via the Internet, so that the user can start using the contents without the need to wait for the file to be completely downloaded. This type of technology works through a data buffer which stores the download stream on the user’s terminal to immediately show the downloaded material.

Did you know…

Video streaming accounts for more than 57% of global download traffic on the Internet.