VoD Content Management

Operational and revitalisation services in clients’ IPTV and OTT platforms for audiovisual content of video on demand and linear channels.


TSA has over 20 years’ experience in video and audio content management services for VoD. TSA currently handles a volume of more than 96,000 hours of content per year for 13 countries, making a team of 35 people available.

TSA offers a wide range of services, ranging from encoding and transcoding of files in different formats (including video, audio, subtitles and metadata settings), to editing trailers, covers or services to revitalise these contents in the various platforms and devices to help with their marketing.

TSA manages the ingestion and publication of these materials in the client’s CMS, controlling the entire process until each piece of content reaches the end user, completing the process with a quality control check of the range of qualities that are published for each device, thereby offering the best user experience.

Among the services TSA offers for VoD on IPTV and OTT platforms are:

Content encoding

Digitalisation, encoding or transcoding of contents. TSA’s encoding farm enables all formats (MPEG2, MPEG4…) and encapsulates (TS, RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, MSS…) on the market to be covered, which enables them to reach all types of devices.


TSA generates metadata files with data provided by content distributors, clients or its Internet search on official websites.

Quality control

TSA offers its clients everything from contents quality control to the testing system to complete viewing, in addition to having an automatic quality control system that analyses all of the video file components to ensure maximum quality before it reaches the final client.


TSA has multi-language subtitle generators that cover all output formats: DVB, TXT, OP-47, etc., from any input format: PAC, STL, TXT, SRT UTF-8... In addition, TSA synchronizes all or part of the subtitles with the video file when there is a time code lag. Other services that TSA provides to its clients include the creation of subtitles from scripts or voice-over.

Standard conversion

In order to be able to publish VoD content on OTT platforms in different countries, it is necessary to use different standards: PAL, NTSC, SECAM... TSA offers its clients the possibility of converting their original files to the standard they need the contents published in.

Associated media editing

In cases where the content distributor does not provide all the materials associated with the video file such as covers, photos, trailers, etc., TSA can also do the editing of these.

Materials voice-over

In cases where the original material is available only in its original version, TSA offers a voice-over possibility for multiple languages.

Water marking

Marking systems for audience tracking and/or piracy.

Content archive services

TSA owns a large amount of NAS storage and LTO libraries managed by its MAM in order to be able to store and manage content in the most secure and robust way.

Content dynamisation

TSA offers dynamisation services for content published on OTT platforms, creation of recommendation selections, new channels, subscriptions, pricing models, analysis of consumption statistics and support for external communication for the sale of content.

What is VoD?
Video on demand, is a TV system that allows users to access to multimedia content in a personalised way, thus offering them the possibility of requesting and viewing a specific film or programme whenever the viewer wishes.

Did you know…

In the launch of the Movistar Series service in Spain, TSA transcoded and published more than 7,000 new pieces of content in just one month.