RTVE relies again on Telefónica as a provider of audiovisual equipment for the renovation of its territorial centers in the Canary Islands

News 7 February, 2020


Under the High Definition migration plan of the Spanish radio-television corporation (RTVE) it is necessary to update the equipment at the Production Center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. For this purpose, RTVE entrusts Telefónica with the lots awarded through a public tender for “HD camera systems” and “Cable microphones and accessories”.

For the first lot awarded, Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA) supplies 10 Sony HDC-3170 ENG / EFP camera systems in a studio configuration. This Broadcast quality equipment has high definition technology and simultaneous production in HDR and SDR. They belong to the HDC series, a high-end camera category from Sony that allows coverage of live events both outdoors and in the studio.

The second lot consists of various types of microphones and accessories, including 12 omnidirectional headband microphones, 24 dynamic speech microphones, 8 dynamic microphones for use with amplified or acoustic instruments, 8 condenser microphones for wind instruments, 8 condenser microphones for stringed instruments, 14 lavalier microphones for vocal use and 8 short gun microphones.

Given the importance of a technological renovation, Telefónica includes in this supply the technical and operational training service for RTVE operators, in addition to a 2-year warranty for all the equipment supplied.