Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales renews the DALET production system at RTVE

News 26 May, 2020


The Spanish Radio and Television Corporation entrusts Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA) with the renewal and updating of its Dalet Radio Suite radio content development platform to its latest version Dalet Galaxy 5. The continuous advancement of production technologies, require an upgrade of the professional sound systems, the Media Asset Management Dalet for radio is renewed therefore, continuing the success of the previous system. With the renewal, the workflow is also updated to give users more power.

The Dalet Radio Suite production system is the tool used by Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) for the production of most of its radio content. Thanks to it, the work of recording, broadcasting and editing audio content, the preparation of texts and scripts for the locution, the content exchange between different production and post-production centers, information units, and other RTVE platforms, the receiving information from news agencies, and many other functions are carried out.

The update project includes the deployment of the new Dalet Galaxy 5 system in all locations where version 1.4 is currently installed. The new Galaxy platform provides improvements in the user interface and new functionalities for creating programs such as integration with social networks, Android/IOS support (Dalet OnTheGo), web client, autonomous audio editor (Dalet OneCut Standalone), monitoring (Dashboard), offline mode, federated search (multi-site), integration via API (SOAP), IP audio (AES67), reporting center for production optimization, emission audit (Audit Trail), advanced rights configuration, business process management (BPM) and dedicated team for video ingest among other functions.

Additionally, Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales includes integration services with the systems that the current platform shares workflows with; since it understands that one of the key factors of this project is not exclusively its development so that it complies with the production and broadcasting functions for radio content. A platform of these characteristics, of a “vertical” nature within a production system, must achieve an optimal integration with other tools that are specific to the organization. These tools comprise the ARCA system (the sound and audiovisual file of RTVE), AVID, systems from RTVE’s digital operations area, and management systems such as SGCE, SGDR, or SIP, among others.

Within the implementation plan, which will last over 2 years, TSA includes a leading pilot platform at the Prado del Rey facilities. From there, the implementation of the Galaxy platform will continue in the rest of RTVE’s territorial offices, starting with its Valladolid center. This action plan will allow for prior testing, which will help define the tasks to be performed, minimizing the impact on users and on the monitoring and incident management tool while change is underway. The improvement and optimization of the facilities that are carried out subsequently are guaranteed, both at Prado del Rey and in the rest of the territorial sites, thanks to this procedure.

The technological update that the implementation of the project entails, brings with it new functionalities that change certain workflows. TSA includes a training plan that instructs current users of the Dalet Suite 1.4 platform on the new Dalet Galaxy 5. To achieve this, two types of face-to-face training are provided, administration and user service and advanced administration, at the Prado del Rey facilities, and training focused on users who regularly use the Dalet platform (editors and sound technicians). The latter is to be carried out through a remote training system developed on Moodle and adapted to the requirements and services necessary to guarantee a successful online training.

As important, or even more important than the implementation and training services is the subsequent support service, which guarantees the correct operation of the installed solution. TSA includes a support and maintenance service for 5 years, which starts from the date of completion of the first installation, with coverage of both the new platform and the one currently in use. The service includes on-site support at the Prado del Rey facilities; 24x7 telephone service with immediate response and resolution remotely or in-person depending on the criticality of the incident; monitoring and maintenance of the new platform; installation and monitoring of possible improvements and software updates among other services.

For the development of the project, Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales counts with professionals with the level of training required for an endeavor of such magnitude. These professionals have the “Dalet Galaxy Advanced Administrator Training” certificate issued by the manufacturer Dalet, which guarantees success in the implementation process. As an added value, Telefónica has been recognized with the award for the best Dalet integrating channel at the Dalet 2019 Awards in Las Vegas, thanks to its experience and knowledge in similar environments with clients such as Radio Televisión Pública de Canarias (RTVC), Corporación Valenciana de Media (CVMC), Radio Nacional Española (RNE), Canal de Extremadura, UNED or Radio Television Public of the Principality of Asturias (RTPA).