Telemadrid entrusts Telefónica with the provision of a new audiovisual content production platform

News 27 October, 2020


Telefónica, through Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA), will provide the service for 5 years in the facilities of the Madrid public entity. For this, TSA presents Sony’s Media Backbone HIVE production system as the central system and also includes all the engineering services, installation, and commissioning of the necessary technical infrastructures, as well as its integration with other equipment, processes, services and systems already existent in Telemadrid (RTVM).

The capabilities of the HIVE system, together with the possibilities of integration with third-party systems and the prospects for future expansions, make it a solid bet for the Madrid public entity. The combination of Sony production system with the newsroom system and the graphic systems RTVM works with, make the presented solution a complete digital newsroom and a technology center for digital production with advanced tools for creating multimedia content.

The Sony Media Backbone HIVE production system combines the best of media, internet and cloud technologies to become a flexible, highly distributed, robust, and scalable multimedia system. The platform maintains the familiar appearance of the current Sony Sonaps system, but with a complete redesign of the set of services and applications, which provide an improved user experience without major changes in usual operations. The deployment of the new HIVE system allows all existing developments and integrations with Sonaps to be maintained, including the NCRS system, the filing system MAM (Media Asset Management) or the graphics system with which RTVM currently works.

The new Sony solution contains the most complete, interoperable, and homogeneous set of tools in the industry, ranging from simple web tools for easy viewing, annotation, and editing to advanced editing. Its modular audiovisual production software architecture makes it a scalable, flexible and robust system that has multiple functionalities such as manual and scheduled recording, ingest from a variety of devices and file formats, proxy viewing and editing, advanced editing, management and playout of rundowns, file integration and strong integration with third-party systems.

The system can natively manage a wide range of audio/video file formats, including both broadcast and non-broadcast, progressive and interlaced formats, from proxy to high definition resolutions and UHD/4K /HDR.

Its full compatibility with the SMPTE ST2110 standard, widely accepted in the broadcast market, makes HIVE a platform with significant workflow efficiency, with the consequent cost savings that this entails when making the transition to a workflow fully IP.

With a Windows-based environment, the system allows you to record files from the Internet, such as “on-demand” videos and Social Networks through Woody Social. All access to the user and configuration interfaces is done through a web browser.

The solution proposed by Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales includes a Dell EMC Isilon storage, for storing the materials generated in Hive, and a play out system for studios.

The proposal also includes support and training, services considered by TSA to be of vital importance to guarantee success in any implementation in a system of these characteristics.