TSA provides TAD with a new Riedel intercom system for its TV production

News 11 December, 2019


Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA) will be responsible for providing Telefónica Audiovisual Digital (TAD) with a new intercom system for its TV production, offering a complete solution both hardware and software based on IP SMPTE 2110.

TAD renews its intercom system hand in hand with another Telefónica group company, TSA. The works to be done consist of updating the intercom system of Telefónica Audiovisual Digital facilities, a project that focuses on providing intercom equipment to its Studies, Central Control, Continuities, Edition and Postproduction areas.

The proposed system, from the manufacturer Riedel Communications, is formed by a solution totally based on the SMPTE 2110 protocol due to the possibilities of integration and the great flexibility it offers, something essential in this kind of clients. For this reason, TSA proposes the Artist intercom system composed of a powerful digital matrix of decentralised architecture, which allows the distribution, routing and management of analogue and digital audio ports, user panels, AoIP, VoIP, GPI contacts, telephone systems and wired and wireless belt-packs, among other services. The 3 proposed chassis (2 to cover the Studios area and 1 for the rest of the areas) offer a total of 336 ports expandable to 1024 on an easily scalable platform, with licence-based ports which allow very simple growth in case of an extension require, something important in any TV production centre. In addition, thanks to the redundant fiber optic ring system architecture, a single point of failure affecting the fiber or one of the CPU cards would not cause a system crash, since the system would be reconfigured in the event of a problem in one of the fibers.

Thanks to the totally IP-based architecture by SMPTE 2110 for the connectivity of panels, Bolero antennas and our audio network, this solution provides us not only a high level of redundancy and security, but the guarantee of opting for a standard of future such as the ST-2110, that gives us great flexibility in the presence of changes and new communications requirements both exceptional and as regards of possible extensions,” Manuela Martínez Head of Engineering and Technical Maintenance at Telefónica Audiovisual Digital, mentions.

BOLERO wireless communications, also from the manufacturer Riedel, are fully integrated with ARTIST in the SMPTE 2110-30 network. The suggested solution consists of 4 antennas and 12 wireless beltpacks, distributed among the different studios, which being integrated in the intercom matrix, can be configured from the same matrix interface. Jose Luis García Cabrera, Audiovisual Services and Platforms Director, comments in this regard “thanks to the wide range of Bolero antennas with a coverage diameter of about 500-600 meters and Riedel ADR (Advanced DECT Receiver) technology, it has been able to optimize to the limit the distribution and location of the antennas as well as their level of redundancy”.

Likewise, the training that allows personnel to make the most of the installed infrastructure is taken into account in the project. Thus, two training courses will be carried out within the framework of the project, both at the configuration level, operation of the management software and of the panels and wireless system for the Engineering and Exploitation staff, and at the service level for the Maintenance staff.




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