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TSA is the Telefónica Group company which has been creating broadcasting audiovisual solutions since 1993. With its headquarters in Spain and presence in Latin America, our company is customer oriented, promoting flexible and innovative technological solutions.
  • We act in all areas of broadcast and multimedia engineering: personalised consulting solutions; design and integral management of end-to-end projects, supply and integration of audio and video systems; maintenance of audiovisual equipment.
  • We manage the largest totally private teleport in Spain, through which we distribute more than 700 television channels and radio broadcasts, in addition to offering OTT, VoD and Playout services, as well as Internet access, LAN, Voice IP and data services.
  • Our experience has been built up over the years through the design, execution and maintenance of numerous projects and services. Our focus is on the customer and our passion is to promote flexible and innovative technological solutions applied to the needs of each one.

Our history

The seed of Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales dates back to 1992, when a division belonging to Telefónica de España covered the connectivity of the RTVE television signals to distribute the official signal of the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games by fibre and satellite. An unforgettable event that marked a before and after in the audiovisual world, as high definition technology was used for the first time in a large international event (at that time analogue HD was still being used, although it already involved digital techniques). Since then, TSA’s evolution and leadership throughout almost three decades has been unstoppable, thanks to an enormous amount of engineering and research and development work, which has provided technical resources and broadcasting services to multiple radio and TV production centres, teleports, audiovisual infrastructures, video networks, satellite distribution, digitalisation of documentary archives, OTT platforms, Mobile Units, content management systems and IP audiovisual systems all over the world. In short, TSA implements all types of international solutions and developments from its headquarters in Spain and Peru (TSA entered the integration market in Latin America in 1995 and today has a significant presence through its office in Peru). Throughout its history, TSA has been a pioneer and witness of the immense changes that have taken place within the audiovisual world, it has adapted to them and has become a catalyst for this evolution.




From the engineering department, TSA designs integral turnkey projects for its customers, including consultancy, design of the technical solution, supply of equipment, installation, integration, commissioning, training, coaching and support for the infrastructure provided.



For more than 25 years, TSA has been distributing more than 700 TV and radio channels, in addition to providing Internet, LAN, Voice IP and data services thanks to an extensive communications network that allows us to reach any device anywhere in the world.


TSA offers each customer and each project the optimal solution to their needs. This is only possible with a wide network of partners with whom we work closely and continuously maintaining a close relationship.

Our Partners

TSA offers each customer and each project the optimal solution to their needs. This is only possible with a wide network of partners with whom we work closely and continuously maintaining a close relationship.

Would you like to work with us?

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales is a driving force behind the digital transformation that has emerged in this 21st century. We select enthusiastic and skilled professionals to join the great challenge ahead. That’s why we’re looking for talented and motivated people. If you share this business philosophy, send us your CV.

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TSA creates turnkey projects anywhere in the world