RTVE awards TSA the distribution of its international radio and TV channels in Africa

News 21 July, 2023


RTVE relies on Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA) the satellite distribution in Africa, of the TVE international Africa HD, RNE Radio Exterior de España and RNE Radio 1 channels.

RTVE has been working with Africa since 1999, when the emission of the TVE International via satellite for Africa began. These years of broadcasting have helped the corporation to fulfil an important public service mission that has been highly valued by the Spanish diplomatic services, NGOs and humanitarian aid organisations, Spaniards living on the continent and in general all those viewers interested in the contents of the Spanish TV network.

The service awarded to TSA was previously offered through another operator, who was responsible for transporting the signals via the capacity of the Eutelsat EW8B satellite, with a bit rate of 5.4Mbps, which provides a viewing quality suitable for HD content. The DTH (direct-to-home) broadcasting mode allows users to receive the signals by using only a satellite dish oriented to the satellite and the receiver.

TSA carries out the distribution of the mentioned channels through Telefónica’s Satellite Control Centre, located in Armuña de Tajuña, under the same satellite position parameters for the transport and broadcasting of the signal that were offered by the previous operator. A strong continuity of service by making the changeover completely transparent to the users, who don´t have to reorient their antenna to continue receiving the signal.

The duration of the service is set at 2 years, starting in January 2023, with the possibility of two successive extensions of one year each.

With this contract, TSA, which was already in charge of the distribution of other channels for the corporation, is especially relevant as RTVE’s satellite provider, distributing its signal in most of the world: Europe, Latin America, Central America, North America and now Africa.