TSA confirms its commitment to artificial intelligence

News 10 October, 2023


Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales is developing a new automated production project with cinfo, having the new Sony FR7 as the protagonist. An innovative project confirming TSA’s commitment to artificial intelligence in automated audiovisual broadcasting.

Video analysis performed by artificial intelligence systems is capable of processing a large amount of data at a much higher speed than a human being. Applied to the audiovisual world, it allows decisions to be made in a similar way to a person.

All these solutions are based on capturing the scene with a camera, from which the various elements appearing in the image are distinguished: people, vehicles, boxes, animals, balls, location, direction, speed etc. On the basis of these elements, the system is responsible for generating different pre-defined actions.

For the development of this project, TSA relies on cinfo, a Galician technology company that focuses on the development of products and artificial intelligence solutions for the audiovisual market.

The automatic production system developed by cinfo uses the image captured by different cameras to detect specific situations through the use of artificial intelligence. On this basis, the system autonomously triggers the various camera actions: movement, zoom, shot change, etc.

The solution, which has already been implemented and successfully tested in sports such as handball, volleyball, basketball and football, has been adapted for this project to automate the recording of Basque pelota matches.

For the close-up shots, TSA has chosen the innovative Sony ILME FR7, which is integrated into cinfo production system that automatically moves it.

This camera revolutionises the market as it is the world’s first PTZ camera with interchangeable lenses. Its full-frame CMOS Exmor RTM image sensor and BIONZ XR processor deliver cinema-quality images with sharpness even in low light conditions. In addition, while the traditional hardware remote control is retained, an innovative full remote control web app provides complete flexibility in remote production environments.

The equipment proposed for this project mounts a high-precision full-frame lens with the quality required for 4K and future high-resolution formats.

This innovative project is a challenge for TSA, which is once again looking to the future. With a firm commitment to developing the solutions offered by the new technologies and artificial intelligence, that are transforming all areas, including the audiovisual sector.