The future of video over IP, in Universitas Telefónica

News 6 March, 2024


On 16 February, RTVE and Telefónica, in collaboration with Sapec, successfully held the technical seminar “Transport of Video over IP”, a technology in which Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA) is a pioneer. This event, which took place in the morning at Telefónica’s Universitas space, brought together around 40 attendees with the aim of delving into the latest protocols and technologies for video transmission over IP networks.

The seminar, which was specially aimed at professionals in the broadcast sector and promoted by RTVE to advance knowledge of this technology within the corporation, included both theoretical presentations and practical demonstrations. This provided attendees with the opportunity to see the application of the concepts presented and to enrich their learning experience.

With the main objective of providing a complete and up-to-date perspective on video transport over IP, a wide variety of fundamental concepts were covered.

Sapec experts addressed several topics of great interest, including the importance of IP in video transport, video formats with and without compression, transport protocols with QoS (ST2022 and ST2110) and without QoS (SRT, RIST, NDI…), and streaming protocols (MPEG-DASH, HLS, RTMP). On the other hand, TSA explained the keys to facing an IP-based video project, from its phases to the principles for the design of a network infrastructure, sharing the lessons learned based on his extensive experience as a professional specialist in this technology.

The seminar received an overall excellent rating from the participants, far exceeding the objectives of disseminating knowledge about an infrastructure that offers a multitude of advantages in terms of flexibility, scalability and efficiency, making it an ideal solution for the production and distribution of audiovisual content in the digital age.

The success of the event underlines the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing between all industry players, which are fundamental to finding effective and avant-garde solutions to current and future challenges. It also demonstrates the growing interest in the video over IP transport sector and the commitment of Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales to incorporating the most advanced technologies for the progress and constant development of the broadcasting industry.