RTVE awards TSA the supply of several lots of equipment

News 19 October, 2022


Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA) has been awarded, through a public tender, for the acquisition of equipment for capturing images that Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) needs to obtain for various areas.

After ten years of use, and due to the typical wear and tear of equipment that works outdoors, together with the need for lighter and more ergonomic equipment, RTVE has decided to renew part of its stock of image capture systems.

Of a total of four lots, three have been awarded to TSA. The supply consists of a total of 87 compact handheld camcorders; 30 shoulder camcorders, of which 25 are capable of recording in HD and 5 in UHD/HD; and 2 servers, capable of receiving the signal sent by streaming from the camcorder, through a data network, and converting it to SDI in real-time. The endowment of the equipment includes all the necessary accessories needed for the recording.

To carry out the provision of this equipment, TSA relies on Sony, a leading manufacturer in the broadcast market whose equipment has proven quality and reliability at an international level.

With this award, TSA once again provides equipment to the most important public radio and television corporation at the national level, positioning it in this case at the forefront of technology for outdoor recordings.